The VMK Creator Is?????

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The VMK Creator Is?????

Post  Cocospike on Thu Jul 08, 2010 12:16 pm

One Man VMK And VMK UNLEASHED creator is a man i found on wiki. It wouldnt show his last name forgot his first name Laughing Yeah sorry. Well i called disney the other day like i told u in my last blog. Forgot to tell ya put replies if you keep up with my blog. I need it. I really need ur help Very Happy Who ever loves VMK help me go to any search engine and try to find out who the creator or creators of VMK are call them beg!!! Yeah and try to go on RAdio Disney Wink Tell everyone about VMK. Over 3million people listen to Radio Disney. Just Help and post Blogs!!! I feel all alone only 12 people have read my blogs tell everyone to still help bring back VMK after 2 years!!! sunny sunny sunny sunny

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