VMK or VMKU is NOT comin back

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VMK or VMKU is NOT comin back

Post  Cocospike on Mon Jul 05, 2010 1:17 pm

I went to youtube yesterday and VMK was on the news we have made History!!! But I Watched 3 of the news about VMK Disney said exactly " VMK was Just to impress My boss it was not really a game it stayed out longer then we planned"!
Over 2 million kids tweens teens and parents were very mad when they heard that they Joy of VMK was Closing in 2008.
They said we lied and said we tought if we said the rumor about VMK coming back in Oct in 2010. They said it was a " little"
lie!!! Im suprised they havent gotton sewed. They said it it Will NEVER come back. All are hopes are sadly gone. I plan to contact one of the vmk creators and beg for him to make it again! One of my friends dad is an artist of Disney and maybe iI can ask him to call the VMK creator Very Happy

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